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15.096: Yuusuke as Sisyphus
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 13
Cel Number: A1 END, B1-9, C1-3, D1-2
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Added 5/15/2015
Updated 5/24/2015
 photo TnN 15.096 Yuusuke climb_zpspgyqb9ej.gif

Step 15, cut 96. Noelle is trying to settle down Muse, Silky’s demonic helper who’s pretending to be a shy transfer student. To do this, she’s demonstrating how difficult it is to make Yuusuke really angry by having him scale the side of the school bell tower on a rope, then pushing him back off every time he gets to the balcony. This time Muse takes a turn pushing him back off.

This amusing (but somehow diabolical) cut involved thirteen gengas showing A1 END (the rope tied to the balcony), D1-2 (Yuusuke’s right hand), C1-3 (his left hand), and B1-9 (Yuusuke’s emerging body). I’ve done a simple reanimation of these (at two images per second, which looked right, plus pauses at the B8 and B9 stages).

The thumbs add a still scan of the B9 genga, plus an effective rough of the end moment, where poor Yuusuke sees Muse’s figure close in to shove him off again. This rough was probably drawn by the animation director for this episode, Keiichi Ishikura.

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