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Full Moon o Sagashite: Mitsuki as Fullmoon
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Added 5/12/2015
Updated 1/28/2019
This sketch shows the central character Mitsuki Kōyama, in her magical form of 16-year-old Fullmoon, looking relieved and quite pleased with herself.

Caution! Fussy Notes

This sketch was sold (in September 2014 by twin_angels_xx) in the same lot as the sketch of Meroko seen in the previous item. In fact, it was the featured item in the lot, with Meroko added as an extra. While the other item is by far the more vibrant, it’s easy to see why this sketch was the main item. Executed on a standard sheet of light-yellow “correction” paper, in looks and in style it appears to be an production sketch, executed by the episode’s animation director, making needful revisions to the layout or genga image.

And, as the outfit Mitsuki is wearing is identifiably the one she wears to the Seed Records audition that takes place in Episode 1, it’s possible to identify, at least tentatively, the moment where it appears in the series.

The pose in the screen capture marks the moment just after Mitsuki/Fullmoon has finished singing her audition song; she drops the hand holding the microphone and stands still for a moment, surprised and gratified that she has been able to perform so well. (Then chaos breaks out in the room as the audition room, realizing they’ve discovered real talent, rush to sign her up and tell the other hopefuls to go home.)

But it’s not an exact copy. That would have been a bad sign, as a clever forger could use a screen cap as a model and execute a bogus production sketch on a blank sheet of studio correction paper. Most obviously, in the screen cap, Mitsuki is leaning very slightly to the right. Yet if you rotate that image just a bit counterclockwise, you can get it to “flicker” with the sketch image. And at this point many similarities and a few significant differences become clear.

Interesting..... most of the details do line up together, but not all. There was obviously some uncertainty about the “buns” that Mitsuki’s hair forms on each side, and indeed on the sketch the artist visibly dithers over this. The hair is made fuller on both sides of her waist. The lean to the right makes her left shoulder come up a little, and the contours of her outfit change in minor ways. And the smile is tightened a bit, now looking a little shy rather than satisfied.

But ... all told ... definitely two versions of the same image. That makes me think that the sketch is not the final post-genga shuusei. The latter would have been identical to the douga and so to the screen cap. The decision to make Mitsuki’s pose a little off-kilter then must have taken place later on. Possibly -- this was a discarded first draft of the shuusei, and the artist might have replaced this with a second draft that added the little tilt. If this interpretation is right, then the artist is general animation director and character designer Yuka Kudo, who also took charge of the crucial first episode.

Again, I’ve cropped the image above to focus on the sketch, and put a fuller, minimally modified scan in the thumbnail. You can see how the sheet on which this image was drawn is, like the other one, rather battered and weather-worn. It clearly had suffered wrinkling, folding, and minor ripping on the lower edge and in both its bottom corners, exactly as it would if it had been stuffed into a garbage can at some point, then salvaged and slipped out of the studio by an employee.

The second thumb is a detail of the sketching of Mitzuki's head and shoulders. The details are much more precise than the previous sketch, though you can see the dithering on the size of the hair buns. Also, notice that the lines of her shoulders and her collar show a fine tremor, as if these lines were drawn more slowly that others. That's often a sign that this part was being traced from an earlier draft, as indeed would be the case if this were intended as a post-genga shuusei.

All told, these details make me all the more confident in saying this really is a production sketch, even if it might have been a false start in developing this scene.

And if this sketch is likely an authentic sketch by Yuka Kudo, then that makes it somewhat more likely that its companion, the lively image of the bunny-shinigami Meroko, is also the same, real thing.

But I could be wrong. (Be still, my heart!)

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