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Tenshi ni Narumon: Step 21 (There are Untrue Truths)

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Pensive Yuusuke: A1 gengas
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1
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Added 5/9/2015
Cut 314. In the wake the uproar caused by the Emigration Officer and Papa's announcement that Miruru will become "part of the family" (presumably by marrying her Gabe), this quiet scene shows Yuusuke lying sleepless in bed, his huge eyes wide open, trying to make sense of what he's witnessed.

The featured image is boldly labeled "A1 shuusei no shuusei." The sketches in the thumbs provide perspective for this "revision of the revision." The first thumb is the layout, marked "A1." The genga was missing from this set, but judging from the A2 sketches, it probably was nearly identical to this layout. The second thumb provides the episode animation director's revision, which worked on making Yuusuke's rather bland expression more expressive. Tetsuya Yamamoto, the episode's AD, must have drawn that sketch.

Somebody else, however, intervened at this point, feeling that this image was not powerful enough and needed a visible "punch" to shift the conclusion of this episode from random farce to seriousness. So the second, complete shuusei was needed. Note how Yuusuke's eyes grow bigger and rounder, the pupils now are shaded in a much richer way, and even his face has become rounder.

The sketching styles are quite different, as are the ways in which the two write the numeral "1" and the kanji for "shuusei." My guess is that these are by Yamamoto's supervisor, the series' general animation director Hiromi Kato. They certainly present quite a change of pace from the rather ordinary approach seen in the layouts, gengas, and first shuuseis, making them some of the most memorable images from this episode.

This sketch set also came with a set of effects gengas (not imaged) that I finally realized were describing the shadow cast by the moon (streetlamp?) over the left side of Yuusuke's face. As he moves, this shadow also moves in a different way and so had to be separately animated.

Note: This item was originally added 9/25/2005. When I replaced the original scan with the present one, I had to delete that page and upload it as a new page.

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