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Tenshi ni Narumon: Step 21 (There are Untrue Truths)

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Miruru has an announcement
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Added 5/7/2015
Updated 5/8/2015
Cut 73. In the middle of a typically random argument over choosing birthdays, Miruru steps to the front and says that she has a very important announcement: she and Gabriel are getting married! (This comes, of course, as a total surprise to the vampire, as is her follow-up statement that she now is pregnant.)

This layout was executed in a rather broad blue pencil, much like the preliminary sketch (first thumb) for this image of Miruru and Rocket Muse from later in the same episode. This one, however, has been worked up considerably in graphite. It includes small but characteristic portraits of Noelle’s quirky family. Two details from this sketch are added in the thumbnails.

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