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Flashback: Karada-chan goes to school: B1
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: B1
Standard size

No Background

Added 2/21/2015
Cut 182. Then we see Hiro accompanying her to a classroom, presumably the school in her new home town of Kanocho. In this cut, she looks shyly at her teacher, then bows deeply and politely. Featured above is the layout, which shows her B1 starting pose with the background and the form of her big brother behind her.

Like the previous cut, this sketch set came without the usual set of roughs, and the B1 genga (first thumb) is a nearly identical clean-up of the layout image. That sketch came with a single shuusei genga, on light green paper (second thumb), which makes Karada’s hair much more compex. So it seems as if, again, Senior Animation Director Ikuko Itou likewise handled the animation for this cut solo, and presumably also for all the “flashback” sequences.

Notice that Itou added an intricate lace pattern to Karada’s collar, emphasizing that she is wearing her very best outfit on this occasion. (It’s also what she’s wears in the previous cut.)

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