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Shōko sizes up the situation: genga and genga shuusei
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1, C1
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Added 2/21/2015
Updated 5/22/2018
Here I’ve featured the genga for the A1/C1 images. (The B-layer was reserved for the eye glimmer that takes place in the second half of the cut.) It’s an effective image, with Shōko showing the complex mix of surprise at Hiro’s ignoring her and a touch of sadness. But don’t miss the genga shuusei in the thumbnail, which is unusually full and refined. As with the other complete or nearly-complete genga shuuseis done by junior animation director Oki, it is virtually identical with the genga. A simple flicker of the two versions shows this:

Some of the apparent contrasts are misleading: Oki leaves uncorrected the rims of Shōko’s glasses and the purse strap on her shoulder, so these aren’t differences. But if you look long enough, you’ll see that a few of Hiro’s hair strands are changed, and Shōko’s eyes are very subtly touched up. Still, it is odd that the correction should be so largely a clean-up of the genga. I can only conclude that Senior AD Itō continued to supervise Oki’s work and asked him to do a fuller shuusei than usual as a kind of “master class” assignment.

The rest of the cut is complex but not very screenable, as Shōko’s expressions change so subtly. But I could not resist adding Itō’s rough for the A7 key that begins the second half of the cut. It holds on the screen for more than a second, long enough so that you can just catch the very subtle eye-glimmer. And if you look at this sketch for a while, you can see something analogous to that glimmer. Notice that the paper around Shōko’s eyes is slightly uneven. That’s because Itō drew and erased this part of her face so often that she wore the paper thin before she was satisfied.

Details ... details.

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