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Andersen Monogatari (Mushi, 1971)

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Andersen Monogatari (Mushi, 1971)

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Rudy has breakfast
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A1, B6 END
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Added 2/21/2015
Updated 2/21/2015
Ep. 38 (The Ice Maiden, Part 1), cut 114. This image is part of a long establishing scene introducing the story’s protagonist, Rudy, a happy, robust hunter in the high Alps. Here he is enjoying a healthy breakfast of brown bread and goats’ milk. Sequence numbers: A1 (Rudy), B6 END (mouth layer)

This cel arrived in fine shape in spite of its 45 years, though it is now inextricably stuck to the back of its A1 douga, which is somewhat foxed and yellowed with age but also in good shape. The annotations carefully identify the cel paints that go with Rudy’s character design.


“The Ice Maiden” (1861) was one of Andersen’s last and most tragic stories. It features a remorseless, insidious supernatural villainess, an embodiment both of winter cold and of emotional isolation, who marks the hero for death in infancy, then slowly entraps and claims him for her own. Unlike “The Snow Queen” (inspiration for the Disney film Frozen) which is based on a similar premise but has a more optimistic plot, this story shows the main character doomed by the social situations he encounters in spite of his personal strengths.

In the West, it remains unfamiliar, but it likely resonates more with a Japanese audience because the Ice Maiden is very similar to that country’s Yuki-onna (Snow woman), a legendary creature who likewise pursues and kills humans in an implacable way.

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