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Akka gives Nils a ride home from an adventure (A22, A24)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A22, A24
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Added 2/21/2015
Updated 1/25/2017
Ep. 44 (Bataki is trapped), cut 244. Cels of Nils riding on his travelmate, the white barn goose Mårten, are fairly common, though much desired by collectors. This set intrigued me because Akka, the alpha wild goose in this flock, isn’t usually this considerate. However, the episode number was written on the last douga in this cut, giving some extra context to this image.

Episode 44 deals with one of the secondary characters in the saga, Bataki the wise raven. This character shows up a few times in Lagerlov’s original book, mainly as an advisor who gives Nils extra historical background and finds a way to extricate him from his magical curse. This episode, however, seems to be a non-canonical filler adventure, in which the raven gets himself shut up in a mining shed with no windows, and Nils is sent in to get him out. In the end, there’s no option but to dig through the wall of the shed, which is unfortunately constructed of bricks.

As Akka and Bataki are special friends, it makes sense that the flock leader herself comes, the handy Nils in tow, to get the raven sprung. And Nils has to do a lot of sweaty work to rescue the trapped raven, using only a discarded nail as a digging tool. (Bataki entertains him by relating a tale about the ogres who originally mined the area.) Once this is accomplished, Akka surprises Nils by giving him a lift back to their nesting place, but it’s not surprising that the first thing he’s going to do once they're underway is take a long, well-deserved nap.

This lot contained four disconnected cels, the first of which (the A22) is featured above. You can see Akka’s signature white eyebrows on the right edge. A similar cel (A24, key) is added in the first thumbnail. The dougas in this batch were not stuck tightly, so I’ve added the one for the A22 to the second thumb.

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