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Angelic Layer

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Misaki meets Hatoko and Kotaro.
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A1, C2, D1
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Added 11/23/2014
Updated 5/7/2017
Episode 2, cut 53. On her way to her new middle school, Misaki meets the “Miracle Kindergartener” Hatoko Kobayashi, who at once asks to see her new angel Hikaru. Her older brother Kotoro, who is supposed to be accompanying Hatoko to school but has already lost track of her, comes running up, fuming at her for wandering off. Meanwhile she’s sarcastically commenting, “How come you always treat me like I’m a preschooler?”

And Misaki (still holding Hikaru) is looking at her new classmate with curiosity and interest.

The rough, a complete image, has been featured here. The artist is probably Hiroki Kanno [菅野 宏紀], the episode’s animation director (his sole assignment on this series). Kanno had previously taken episode AD work for the Sunrise projects Cowboy Bebop, and Escaflowne (TV and movie), and he soon after did the same for Bones’ Wolf’s Rain. He then burst into more prominence as Animation Character Designer for RahXephon, a big hit for the new studio. Later he took a prominent role in Fullmetal Alchemist, providing character design for the Brotherhood cycle (TV and OVA).

The thumbs add the copy layout (also complete) and the C2/D1 genga showing Hatoko and Misaki.

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