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Startled Suiseiseki (layouts)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A1, A2
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Added 7/4/2014
Updated 7/4/2014
Ep. 9, cut 200. In this episode, which deals with the side plot of the watchmaker obsessed by his son’s death and his wife’s illness, Sou and Sui (accompanied by Jun) have just finished exploring the wife’s dream world. They drop out of the portal to the dream world, and Sui looks up and says, “We need to close this, or else Suigintou...” But suddenly the window in the room shatters, and they find themselves under attack by the series baddie. This cut shows Sui’s quick turn toward the sound and instant look of dismay.

Except, as you can see from the layout image above, it originally didn’t. They showed Suiseiseki looking down with a weary expression, then seemingly breathing hard and showing a sweatdrop. As the layouts are not done on Nomad blanks, but rather on layout sheets with the Madhouse Studio logo, I'd assume these were outsourced to some other firm that did first-level sketches for both studios.

I’ve featured this nicely drawn A2 image above (and the more preliminary A1 in the thumb). It is well drawn, but it makes no sense in the original context. As we saw two cuts above, Sui is looking above her at the portal and (as usual) barking directions. Even if Suigintou’s arrival is a surprise, one would not expect it to take Sui this much by surprise.

Getting this cut into shape took a fair amount of labor. Move ahead to see some of the steps in this process.

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