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Rozen Maiden 3: Episode 11

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Shinku nailed to the dead tree
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Added 4/21/2014
Updated 4/10/2019
Episode 11, cut 182. After a series of scenes-behind-the-scene, in which Suiseiseki and Souseiseki enlist Nori’s help, we return to the battle of the dolls, where Suigintou has managed to nail Shinku to a dead tree with her magic crow feathers. Here we see Shinku, in crucifixion position, glaring impassively back at her opponent, who is sadistically amusing herself by firing another crow feather at her.

Featured above is the nice rough, likely by animation director Kimiko Tamai, whose artwork from this episode (as well as from Eps. 2 and 6) can be seen elsewhere in these galleries. The thumbnails add the layout and a partial “shuusei no shuusei” (likely by chief AD Kumi Ishii), which adjusts the details of the costume and gets those steely and undefeated eyes exactly right.

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