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Suzuki Buchineko
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A2
Oversize, 12W x 10H

No Background

Added 4/18/2014
Updated 4/18/2014
Determined to meet the mysterious Raphael again, Kitty-cat leaves home again and goes on a long adventure, during which she gets into a whole string of fixes, some potentially fatal. In the process, though, she meets a polite and experienced young tom, who introduces himself as Suzuki Buchineko. (The second name means “spotted cat,” and it is also the brand name for a popular point-and-shoot camera in Japan).

A well-educated feline, he’s learned to read katakana, and agrees to help Kitty-cat find “Persia,” which is where she thinks Raphael (a Persian tom, of course) must be. After a long, tiring search, they finally see ahead of them a desert landscape, helpfully labeled in katakana: “ペルシア” or “Persia.” Unfortunately, as the observant Suzuki soon deduces, it’s just a poster on a blank wall, advertising a travel agency. (I’ve suggested the poster in the scan with a piece of art paper.)

Nevertheless, the two part company the best of friends, and Kitty-cat happily adds Buchineko to her short list of male friends.

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