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Sakura in the Red Rabbit suit chased by The Snowy
Source: TV
Layers: 2
Sketches: 2
Cel Number: A8, B6
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Added 12/4/2013
Episode: 36 (Sakura and a Snowy New School Year). The two Cardcaptors are flying together, but pursued by The Snow, who is assailing them with blizzard-like whirlwinds. Syaoran tries his fire magic, which makes the Card pause for a moment, but it is not strong enough to defeat its power. Here the two (together with a clueless Kero-chan) are looking back and wondering what to do next. Sequence numbers: A8 (Sakura and Kero-chan), B6 (Syaoran).


The A8 layer of this combination was the first animation cel I ever purchased, from an eBay auction on July 15, 2000. As part of my “core collection,” it was uploaded to this gallery on its first day of creation, August 3, 2002. While not a spectacular cel by any objective standards, I’ve always loved the wistful look of Sakura and the positively clueless expression of her helper. But once I traced the image to its context in the adventure, I was chagrined to find that it was missing its top layer, showing Syaoran similarly set back and looking back at the pursuing Snow Card with irritated frustration.

But for the collector who waits, and watches, and patiently expects one of those top layers to show up ... eventually ... all things come to pass. More than thirteen years after the initial purchase, the top layer did come around -- but at an odd time in a day when I was scheduled to be at an academic conference.

No matter. I brought my laptop with me to give a presentation, the hotel had high-speed wireless, and it was easy to make an excuse at the reception where I was mingling with my fellow academics, and slip up to my room a few minutes before the auction ended. The celga no kami saw that my collector’s passion was strong and righteous, and so -- at long last -- the layers are reunited and the image is complete.

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