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Andersen Monogatari (Mushi, 1971)

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Andersen Monogatari (Mushi, 1971)

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Rudy gets the baby eagle
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A9
Standard size

No Background

Added 12/4/2013
Updated 11/9/2014
Episode 40 (The Ice Maiden, Part 3), Cut 79. In order to win the hand of Babette, the miller’s daughter whom he loves, Rudy has to perform what appears to be an impossible task: climb to the top of an Alpine cliff, where an eagle has built its nest, and bring back one of its young, alive and unharmed. Rudy has a sixth sense for climbing, however, and he carries out the task. Here he is, at the top of the precipice, holding the eaglet in his hand and about to tuck it safely in the pocket of his jacket.

Like other cels from this series, it paints a lively and engaging image, with its trace lines, hand painted in India ink, still sharp and expressive. Notice the scuffs on both arms and under his eye (painted on the front of the cel with a grease pencil), plus the conspicuous sweatdrops, which tell you how difficult the climb has been. The deep blue eyes are especially riveting.

Andersen describes the baby eagle as a dangerous object in itself: “two yellow eyes surrounded by dark rings glared out, eyes so flashing, so fierce, that they looked as though they would burn or blast anything they saw. The neck was red and downy; the short strong beak opened to bite.” Interestingly, in the anime version, the bird is much more docile: it doesn’t at all mind being handled and seems to have "adopted" the intrepid Rudy on the spot.

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