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Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Pierrot, 1980-81)

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Mårten and Nils take off with the flock.
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A13
Standard size

No Background

Added 12/4/2013
Updated 12/2/2015
This series shows Mårten and Nils flying together, rising toward the sky in the company of the wild goose flock that they have joined. Several of the cels are labeled with the cut number, 356, which suggests that it was used at or near the very end of one of the episodes. Also, a heavy layer of black paint was added to the back of all these images, so I inferred that it must have been backlit, perhaps as part of a sunset or sunrise scene at the episode’s finish. So I opted for a piece of orange art paper as a backing, which seems to fit the colors of the birds well.

This is a still image of the last of the short series that I got, the A13. Unfortunately, the dougas stuck tightly to the black paint on the back and did not survive in scannable shape.

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