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Condition Green OVA 1.1: Episode 3 Cels

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Defiant Eddie
Source: OVA
Layers: 2
No sketches available
Cel Number: A1, B1
Standard size

Key Cel
Original Matching Background

Added 12/3/2013
Updated 8/7/2018
Scene 26. cut 14. Bad Girl’s rushes over, sword in hand, and demands that Eddie put the Episode-Ender down. But the commando, knowing that Gyazaria’s goose is cooked now, responds with defiance. Sequence numbers: A1 (Eddie), B1 (mouth).

This cel corresponds to this moment in the storyboard. It is interesting that this version seems to show Eddie shrinking in fright before the redoubtable villainess. The animation director evidently revised this moment, feeling that this plucky commando is made of stiffer stuff than that. In any case, he’s got a fully operational episode-ender, now, and he knows just where to shove it.

The nice matching background was damaged by contact with the cel but is still worth a view (see thumbnail).

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