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Wonderful Adventures of Nils (Pierrot, 1980-81)
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Added 11/27/2013
Updated 11/27/2013
Based on a children’s book by the Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf, this 52-episode series focuses on Nils Halgersson, a brattish, self-centered farm lad who gets magically shrunk to miniature size and gains the power to understand the language of animals. The livestock, weary of being the brunt of his mean pranks, chase him from the premises, and he teams up with Mårten, a white barn goose who has heard the call of the wild. The two join a flock of wild geese and set off on an airborne adventure that takes them from one end of Sweden to the other.

Chief director of the series was Hisayuki Toriumi, who had previously taken the same role with the big success Gatchaman. Character designer and chief animation director was Toshiyasu Okada, a veteran of Grave of the Fireflies and Dog of Flanders. The project was the very first production of Studio Pierrot, and it proved so successful, both domestically and in foreign-language syndication, that it elevated this firm into a major player in the anime industry. Director Toriumi and animation director Okada teamed up again in 1982 to create The Mysterious Cities of Gold, an even bigger international success for Pierrot.

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