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Her first card-capture
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Added 10/2/2013
Updated 10/2/2013
The climax of this episode comes when Sakura, initially flustered and uncertain, gets herself into serious trouble confronting her first quarry, The Fly Card. Then, at the critical moment, she suddenly seems to shift gears internally, and, much to her magical helper’s surprise, she overcomes and seals the powerful spirit with real panache. The focal moment, when she actually forces the stubborn beast into its Card form, has been a favorite of mine for a long time, and I’d compiled a little gallery of sequence-mates from this cut.

It was a great moment when the complete set of gengas, or key animator’s sketches, for this cut came onto the market, and I was able to unify the gallery with the original studio conception of it. The sketches themselves are exciting, showing the stubborn Fly Card struggling and screaming as Sakura brings its magic under her control. Visit The Fly Capture and you can see more of the cut, plus a simple reanimation of the whole series, plus a selection of cels including the A47 that matches this genga.

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