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Syrius no Densetsu/The Sea Prince and the Fire Child (Sanrio, 1981)

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Malta likes Syrius!
Source: Movie
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: A120, B77
Oversize, 14.25W x 10.5H

No Background

Added 9/11/2013
Updated 9/11/2013
Toward the end of their first meeting, the element-crossed lovers talk about the impossibility of fire and water children becoming friends. Still, Malta says, turning to Syrius, “I like you! And when I see you ...” she adds as she impulsively tries to give the bewildered sea prince a big kiss on the lips, “... I feel as if our hearts are melting together!” Sequence numbers: A120 (Malta and Syrius), B77 (airbrushed wings)

Syrius always knew that he was an irresistibly sexy dude, but he wasn’t ready for such an immediate response to his masculinity. Instinctively he takes a step back, loses his balance, and does his second embarrassing belly-flop into the water. But all in a good cause, and the two part company on the best of terms, vowing to carry out a more professional and dignified mutual seduction tomorrow night.

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