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Shellshocked Shinku
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Added 9/11/2013
Updated 11/19/2015
Cut 54. For a moment Shinku obeys Jun and stays on the couch, still melancholy but absolutely thunderstruck by what has just happened. As she starts to take in what’s happened, she continues to stare in his direction, gently exclaiming, “Jun!”

Like the previous sketch of Jun holding Shinku, this rough sketch is probably the work of assistant animation director Masaru Kitao. It is a lovely and emotional creation, but it still needed some refinement. So don’t miss the partial “shuusei no shuusei” (first thumb), which makes her face less plump, rearranges the hair strands a bit to make them rest gently on her shoulders, and adds several layers of detail to the rose at her collar. Though incomplete, this image is in its way even more lovely, and so I expect it is the work of the lead animation director, Kumi Ishii. A simple genzu placing Shinku’s face in the frame is added in the second thumb.


What is fascinating about “The Scene” is how naturally it develops, even though it represents a total reversal of roles. Up to now, Jun has been the self-contained recluse who feels only contempt for life and for other people, wishing only to closet himself away from conflicts and relationships. And Shinku has been the self-assured warrior-woman, ready to order everyone around her to do her bidding.

But her emotional collapse makes it clear that this seemingly impassive autocracy is just a façade to hide immense insecurities. And Jun’s own contempt for the outside world, as Hina-ichigo sees right away, is just an excuse for his refusal to leave his childhood world.

But now Jun knows what he has to do and what strengths he has to draw on to do it. And to everyone’s surprise, he takes control, walks outside of his patchwork hiding place in the private corner of his mind, and he does it.

But how long is Shinku actually going to “wait here” to see what Jun is actually going to do?

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