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Takamine Tsukasa
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
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Added 9/11/2013
Updated 9/14/2023
This is a nearly completed autograph settei sketch of this character. In the image above, I’ve highlighted the face-on version on the right side of the sheet. In the first thumb, you can see the complete sheet, labeled 高峰 司 [Tsukamine Tsukasa] at the top right, with the profile and back view of her figure. This set came with two more preliminary versions, and I’ve added the earlier of the two in the second thumb.

She is my favorite character of the central group. Seemingly withdrawn and emotionless, she is in fact the most mature one of the group, and when she speaks, her comments are always sensible and exactly to the point. Yet she never pulls rank, even though she is from the start the most capable magic user of the bunch. And the plot is cleverly constructed so that the audience sees that her impassive façade is a defense against the deep sorrow she feels over the death of her mother and her ambivalent feelings toward the father who tries to prevent her from developing her magical talents.

In casting the characters, AIC gave the roles of the adults to experienced seiyuu with extensive resumes. But in a daring move, they cast Sasami and her companions with real youngsters with no previous anime experience. Interestingly, this gives a touch of authenticity to the production, as the characters both act and talk like real youngsters rather than adults pretending to be young again. Tsukasa was portrayed by Saharu Kawakami, her only anime role to date.

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