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Amitav (early concept)
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Added 9/11/2013
This rather preliminary sketch appears to be a very early version of the mysterious magical being that Sasami meets during her first visit to the witches’ world and who dances with her beside a moonlit lake, awakening her love. The face already looks like Amitav, and also quite a bit like Yukito Tsukishiro, the magical idol of Cardcaptor Sakura, on whom Amitav was clearly based.

Like Yukito, Amitav is clearly supposed to represent the young female protagonist’s prepubescent sexual attraction to her father, with whom (we gradually learn) Amitav is intimately related. This transgressive appeal is hinted at throughout the series and actually entertained in a very creepy final scene to the last episode, just before it fades to the credits. One way in which the series evades this taboo (again in a similar way to CCS) is to make Amitav look visibly “alien,” and so perhaps this early concept was rejected because the character looks humanly cute enough for young viewers to fall in love with.

Amitav was voiced by Mitsuki Saiga, a female seiyuu who performed roles on both sides of the gender line, notably Tsukasa in the .hack// saga, Jing in Jing: King of Bandits, and another “pretty boy” character, Makoto Kosaka in Genshiken.

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