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Amitav (androgynous version)
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
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Added 9/11/2013
Updated 9/11/2013
This character design seems based on the previous one, turning the distinctive swirly hair into an array of ringlets that are partly enclosed in a large bonnet. The effect is to enhance the character’s feminine look, perhaps thinking that his transgressive incestuous role would be more palatable if Amitav were to look girlish.

New to this make-over is a distinctive outfit that is close to the final form it took in the series. You can already see the signature features of Amitav’s outfit: a tight, ringed collar, diagonal lines from the chin to the left armpit and an ambiguous cloak (skirt? kilt?) wrapping around his left leg and leaving the right one bare to the hip. (Well, he wears white harem pants under this "skirt.") And in this version, the character has twin hair strands that come down both sides of his cheeks.

The thumbs add two alternative versions that play with profiles and close-up views of this “girlish” character design.

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