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Amitav (later version with scruffy hair)
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Added 9/11/2013
Updated 9/11/2013
But at some point the character design went a different way. Here the outfit is very close to its final form, with the lacy cuffs replaced by simpler cloth folds, the bonnet discarded, and the hair looking much more masculine. Notice that the two hair strands on either side of his face are now braided. In the final form, they become even longer, and the braiding suggests shide, the zig-zag paper streamers common in Shinto temples that indicate that a potentially dangerous kami has been ritually sealed in that place.

And yet the final version is even simpler: Amitav’s hair looks like a gray bag that has been dropped partly over his head with an odd tight “bun” over his right ear. That effect makes him look even more alien than any of the previous designs, and had the advantage of being simpler to animate.

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