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Sailor-Moon-style Magical Girl
Source: TV
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Sketches: 2
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Added 9/9/2013
Updated 2/20/2019
This character design is a bit of a puzzle. The face looks a bit like the other studies of Amitav, but none of those sketches give him boobs! This costume, by contrast, seems designed to show off the character’s cleavage and leave her breasts only loosely supported, perhaps with fanservice in mind. Otherwise the little shoulder pads, boots with knee braces, and short skirt with a “V” belt seem to suggest a standard Sailor Moon type magical girl. The thumbnail shows an alternative attempt to work up this character’s look and costume.

This might be an early conception for the “Chief Priestess,” who plays a spoiler role in the series, or else one of her minions. Certainly the evil “Shining Team” group was meant to suggest the glamour of the stereotypical mahou shoujo dream, and this faction tries to entice the others to reject their boring everyday life and come over to the Witch World permanently. (Alas, they are notorious losers when any real crisis emerges...)

Another possibility is that this is a draft of the new costume Misao would get when she goes over to the dark side and becomes "The Maiden of the Dawn." The lock of hair that comes down between her eyes is reminiscent of Pixy Misa, the spoiler character in Magical Girl Pretty Sammy who is also Sasami's best friend Amani Misao in a secret identity. The "Maiden of the Dawn" outfit in the final version is quite different, but when Misao is rescued and disenchanted, one of her classmates compliments her on her evil identity, saying "You had boobs!"

Amitav also has an evil twin, and maybe there was a plan to make the twin look like his androgynous form, in a more sexually mature feminine aspect. But in the released version he looks exactly like Amitav, only the twin makes a point of trying to look demented and evil like Dilandau in Escaflowne (and never quite succeeds..).

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