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Kōga Confronts His Opponent
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A5 END
Standard size

Key Cel
End Cel
No Background

Added 8/30/2013
Updated 4/11/2017
Episode: 114: Kōga’s Isolated Battle. Cut 165. Kōga is having a difficult battle with Renkotsu and Ginkotsu: this part of the scene shows him rising from a crouching position (Cut 161) then stand glaring at his enemies (Cut 165). These sequences appear in the episode at 14:29 and 14:44. The images in the two are very similar, so I’ve selected only the A5 end douga from the second cut (seen above), with the thumbnails showing the (surprisingly slap-dash) A2 genga from the same cut and the (even more primitive) layout.

This pair of sketch sets came with complete douga sets: 7 A-layers (Kōga) and 2 mouth layers for Cut 161 and 5 A-layers (Kōga) and again 2 mouth layers for Cut 165. The two layouts were nearly identical, both showing an outline of Kōga in orange pencil against a flurry of green and black pencil strokes.

There were three gengas for Cut 161 and two for Cut 165 (all of Kōga). Interestingly, only the end keys in each cut are in any way finished with highlights and shadows, and even then they are much rougher than gengas I’ve seen for other series or even for other Inuyashaepisodes. The gengas leading up to these, while done on white paper and labeled A1 etc., are no more than outlines of the character and seem more like roughs than gengas. Also included were two blank pink sheets with what seem to be written instructions for camera work. While the dougas, as usual for this series, are very carefully done, one gets the impression that all the lead-up work for this episode, like that for Ep. 101, was done at white heat by a studio anxious to make a very tight deadline for delivery.

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[For the layout in the second thumb]

[This item was originally created 9/17/2008. I deleted the original display to fix a thumbnail issue that could not be corrected in any other way.]

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