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Invasion of the Superflat Strawberries
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Added 6/12/2013
Updated 6/12/2013
This rather unsettling background comes from an unidentified series. It evidently got prominent screen time, for penciled notes in the upper right corner show that it was used in cuts 287, 289, 291, and 293 of its episode. That would put it right at the climax of the plot, with (presumably) three shock cuts to other characters reacting to the arrival of the killer fruits.

I picked it out of a box of backgrounds being sold at AnimeNext by Cel Depot, shortly after hearing an excellent panel on the influence of the “Superflat” art movement on anime and music videos. That frequently exploits seemingly innocuous images like strawberries (as loved a treat in Japan as here in Cephiro) for surreal and disturbing effects.

The harsh black-and-white cityscape, with its prominent use of raw brushwork, contrasts jarringly with the soft blue sky. And the strawberries are, quite obviously, flat, but in a typically “superflat” way, they are floating in a three-dimensional space apparently high above the city buildings.

If this scene resonates with any visitor who can identify its source, I’d surely like to hear from you. Meantime it is a fine souvenir of the con and an intriguing addition to this gallery.

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