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Fanart: Peorth x Belldandy.
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Added 6/12/2013
Updated 6/12/2013
This pretty tribute to Peorth and Belldandy was created by Katizua, a talented artist who has also done many of the official program and badge designs for AnimeNext, a con that I regularly attend with my daughter, Liz. She bought this for me at the con’s Artists’ Alley in 2013 as a Father’s Day surprise, knowing that the AMG saga was my first real introduction to anime.

You can see the original image at the artist’s deviantART site and, if you like it, order a quality print from the artist for yourself. I find it a beautiful homage, not only to the two characters, but to the typical strategies of cel painters, particularly the imitation of trace lines and airbrushing, particularly around the goddesses’ jewelry and metal accessories. Yet – look – both goddesses have delicate, realistic fingernails!

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