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Eddie Strangled by Bad Girl
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: A5
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Added 5/29/2013
Updated 8/7/2018
Scene 24, cut 30. As you know (if you’ve read through my abridged tour of the original storyboard for this episode) Bad Girl arrives on the scene just as Eddie, Sho, and Keith are installing the episode-ender that will bring this adventure to a close in ten minutes or so. Bad-girl cape artfully deployed, whip in hand, and villainous smirk duly flashed, she promptly uses her lash to snatch some vital techie tool out of Eddie’s hand.

In a brief scene that I left out of my storyboard tour, she smirks more broadly, while Eddie reacts angrily to the intrusion.


“You really think you can take me, Big Boy?” Bad Girl’s narrowed eye suggests. “You bet I can, you alien cosplay queen!” Eddie replies, leaping to his feet.

Noooooo, Eddie just doesn’t have anywhere near the stuff to tangle with Bad Girl, as the storyboard (and the cel above) show. That’s going to take Keith the Man and his stubby but durable Swiss Army Knife, as we’ll soon see.

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