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4. Meeting the freighter’s captain
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The three who land on the ship are surprised at the sight of the captain.

Mamezō: Woah! H-he’s huge!

The captain, also shocked, looks at the tiny people.

Captain: W-what, what the heck are you?

Yanma: We are human beings, too. But we’ve been turned into this form by Gidoron. We’re here to warn you about the threat they pose …

Ageha: They’re here again! Those robot bugs!

Rid of the robotic menace, the trio land on the ship below and politely explain their situation to the captain. Predictably, he is skeptical about their story. After all, what does humanity have to fear from insects? And why should he accept help from superheroes who are only three inches high?

This forms the quirky premise of the story, which embodies Tezuka’s critique of anthropocentrism in the contemporary world.

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