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5. Mid-ocean attack
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Added 4/15/2013
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A swarm of jet-spraying water scorpions come and attack the ship.


Yanma attacks them from all sides. But the water scorpions open a hole in the hull of the ship. The captain desperately sends out an SOS.

Captain: Please save us! We have been attacked by mysterious bug people. The ship is sinking. Please save us!

Unfortunately, the captain’s skepticism soon costs him his vessel. The insects have traced the escaped Microids and promptly attack from the air and from below the sea. As I recall this episode, they use their insectoid limbs to bore dozens of holes in the hull. Yanma does his best to knock down the airborne weapons, but is unable to protect the ship from foundering.

The scene, however, shows another of Yanma's weapons. He can extend the horn on top of his helmet into a strong, sharp cutting tool, with which he can slice apart the machines sent against him.

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