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Microid S: Kamishibai (Epoch, 1973)

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6. Safe ashore
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Added 4/15/2013
Finally, the three Microids reach the Japanese harbor; however, they’re disheartened.

Mamezō: The captain got the story backwards! We risked our lives to tell them about the menace of Gidoron and still …

Ageha: That’s right. The humans think that it’s our fault that the ship sank.

Yanma: Don’t get angry. Surely there’s someone in this city who will be our ally.

In what becomes a standard plot element, the captain mixes up his would-be saviors with the deadly assassins who are trying to silence the escaped cyborgs. So the Microids have a second handicap: they are routinely blamed for the disasters that the Gidoron robots cause.

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