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7. The warning falls on deaf ears
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The three of them visit a newspaper company. At first, the surprised editor-in-chief listens intently to what Yanma and his companions say.

Editor-in-chief: Gidoron? What is he?

Yanma: An ant. He’s a terrifying ant with a brain that surpasses that of a human. The power of Gidoron’s science transformed us into these miniature-sized creatures.

Editor-in-chief: Hah-ha-ha! An ant that’s smarter than a human you say!? Wah-ha-ha-ha!

This too is an essential plot element: most of the humans the Microids try to warn simply cannot believe that a creature the size of an ant could in any way challenge the hegemony H. sapiens [sic dicitur] holds over Planet Earth. In fact, Tezuka frequently presents humans as immoral and careless stewards of creation.

A memorable episode of his manga Unico (now available in English) focuses on a rich, handsome, but malicious baron who owns a woodland, but spends his time shooting as many animals as he can find. In the end, the forest’s animals, transformed into rebellious peasants by Unico’s magic, end the bloodshed by storming the manor house and evicting the human to general rejoicing.

This story is told from the Microids' perspective, and so it presents Gidoron as a threat to the world. In fact, though, most humans are so unsympathetically portrayed that it is easy to read the plot “against the grain” and see the ants’ global domination plot as more than justified.

The significance of the ant leader’s name “Gidoron” [ギドロン] remains unclear. There is a voice actor for this part, but from what I have seen of the series, “Gidoron” is a hive mentality, collective rather than individual. Perhaps the name plays on “gidai,” which means “plan” or “agenda.”

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