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10. Hornet attack
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Added 4/15/2013
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When the three get outside, a giant hornet robot swoops down on them.

Yanma: Another of Gidoron’s cronies!

The giant hornet robot fires stingers from its abdomen like a machine gun.

Ageha: Look out, Yanma!

However, a stinger bullet hits a high-voltage wire and ricochets, knocking the robot from the sky.

Yanma: Oh no! There are people down below!

A hornet was a good model for a mini-sized fighting robotic aircraft equipped with a kind of machine gun. The name has been used several times for makes of military fighter plane, both prop-propelled and jet-powered. And the audience would likely know that the USS aircraft carrier Hornet was instrumental in winning the Pacific front of World War II. Fighters based onboard this vessel played a major role in the invasion of Okinawa and the sinking of the battleship Yamato.

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