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11. The Microids meet Professor Midoro and Manabu
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Professor Midoro and his son Manabu happen to pass by just as the high-voltage wire begins to fall on them.

Ageha: Leave this to me!

Ageha flaps her wings and uses the dust they give off to turn the power line into crumbling ash, thus saving the professor.

Professor: Thank you. But, are you little people? Or bugs?

Mamezō: Neither, we’re the Microids!

While Yanma possesses the more spectacular cyborg weapons, his female companion does have one useful weapon. Like all butterflies and moths, her wings are covered with fine scales, and in Ageha’s case this fine powder has the property of disintegrating the objects they fall on. Interestingly, some butterflies in nature really have developed ways of using their wing scales to defend themselves. For instance, Hebomoia glaucippe, a butterfly found in Malaysia, concentrates a deadly paralyzing toxin called glacontryphan-M in the orange scales on its wings.

The furigana trot in the script suggests that the professor’s name is pronounced “Mitoro” rather than “Midoro.” But the kanji can be pronounced either way, and Toei’s English-language Microid S site uses “Midoro,” as do romaji versions in all other fansites I’ve located. Perhaps Tezuka intended the name to suggest “midori” or “green” (though the kanji for the name and the color are different).

The boy's name “Manabu” means “learn” (and the kanji in this case are the same). So readers instinctively know that they will become the Microids’ friends, because of their wish to keep the world “green” (or ecologically healthy) and be open to learning new things about it.

The script unambiguously calls Manabu Professor Midoro’s son, but, oddly, the Italian dub makes him the sage’s nephew.

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