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12. Attack of the “Microid Ant-lion”
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Professor Midoro and Manabu listen to their story earnestly and believe every word of it. However, other scientists laugh at them, saying that there was no way an ant could ever be smarter than a human. They even treat the professor like a lunatic. Meanwhile, the robots sent by Gidoron hunt down the Microids, even in the garden of the professor’s estate.

Ageha: KYAA! It’s a Microid ant-lion!

It snaps at Ageha’s leg.

“KYAA” is the normal way in which Japanese characters scream in panic.

A literal translation of the name Ageha gives to this killer bug would be “Microid hell” [ミクロイドジゴクor Microid-jigoku]. But this is a play on the Japanese word for “ant lion,” [蟻地獄, アリジゴク or ari-jigoku], which literally translates as “ant hell.” Other Asian languages (like Korean) call the insect an “ant demon” and reserve the term “ant hell” for the sand pits that the larvae create to capture bugs. But in Japanese the term is used both for the pit and the assassin who digs it. Figuratively, ari-jigoku is often used in colloquial Japanese to describe an ugly predicament in which people get themselves inextricably entangled.

If an ari-jigoku is an ant-eating devilish creature, then a “Microid-jigoku” obviously is a devilish robot engineered to seek out, entrap, and kill the Microids.

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