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13. Yanma Rescues Agaha
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Added 4/15/2013
Yanma: Don’t move, Ageha!


GUAAA! It lets out a shriek, releases Ageha, and explodes.

Yanma: Don’t let your guard down. Our enemy never sleeps. Where’s Mamezō?

Ageha: He went out with Manabu.

Yanma: That’s dangerous! What if a Microid ant-lion goes after Mamezō…?

The Japanese sound effects are transliterated from the original, rather than being replaced by American comic book equivalents. This one would be roughly equal to “EEEEK!”

In the series, the two youngsters, Manabu and Mamezō, bond quickly and are often seen doing enjoyable kid things together despite their size difference. This, as the script points out, often puts them in dangerous situations.

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