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14. In the toy department
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Added 4/15/2013
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Meanwhile, Mamezō was in Manabu’s pocket, doing some sightseeing at the department store without a care in the world.

Manabu: Huh? Mamezō’s gone.

Mamezō: I’m right heeeeeeeeeeere.

He looks and sees Mamezō having a blast riding around in a toy sports car. Manabu is worried: If people knew that Mamezō was a tiny person, there would certainly be a big commotion in the shop.

A running gag in the series is that Mamezō enjoys playing with toys just like his normal-sized friend. However, as he is himself toy-sized, he gets the additional joy of experiencing miniature cars as if they were the real thing.

A similar gag appears in the more recent manga/anime Midori no Hibi or “Midori Days,” in which the miniaturized girl that attaches herself to the protagonist’s right hand enjoys going to toy departments to dress up in doll clothes.

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