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15. An Ant-lion goes after Mamezō
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Added 4/15/2013
Updated 7/28/2013
The peace doesn’t last long. As expected, Mamezō is the next target. In the park, he and Manabu are having some ice cream, when suddenly, a hole opens in the earth’s surface with a DO DO DO.

Manabu: Ah! Look out!

Right before the eyes of the tumbling Mamezō is a fearsome Microid ant-lion.

Mamezō: KYAA! Help me!

Just at that moment~

As the first “Microid hell” was exploded by Yanma’s zap ray, Gidoron must have sent a pair of identical robots to be sure of eliminating all the Microids. “DO DO DO” is a sound effect often used for a quick series of loud noises, such as boxing punches or approaching footsteps.

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