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16. What’s the reason?
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Yanma, who acted as the lad’s big brother, comes flying out and attacks the robot, saving Mamezō.

Yanma: But it’s strange, isn’t it. Professor, why do Gidoron’s underlings always know precisely where we are?

Professor: It’s those wings of yours. The enemy is pursuing you by following the electro-magnetic waves that come from the sound of your wings.

Yanma: So that’s it. Damn!

The script, rather conspicuously, requires some kind of transition to get the three safely back to Professor Midoro’s office. Presumably the kamishibai-man would improvise one during the performance, also explaining that this Microid ant-lion, unlike its partner, escaped after Yanma rescued Mamezō.

The professor’s point makes sense, actually, because while the two buttons on top of Yamna’s helmet are the source of his “Microid Beam” or zap ray, the others also have similar buttons in the same place. These serve as early warning devices, warning them that Gidoron’s robot thugs are nearby. ) As they were engineered by Gidoron’s hyperintelligent scientists, on the principle of insect antennae, it is easy to predict that once the Microids escaped they would design similar “feelers” that would allow them to track down the escaped cyborgs.

This power is similar to Spiderman’s tingly “Spider sense” when one of his arch-enemies is at work in the vicinity. As this American comic series premiered in the early 1960s, the creators of Microid S (1973) could easily have modeled their characters’ power on this character’s abilities, especially as robot spiders play a role in its action. Toei, significantly, obtained the Japanese rights to Marvel’s characters later in the 1970s and produced a 41-episode live-action (tokusatsu) Spider-Man series in 1978-79.

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