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17. A new plan
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Yanma: Unless we make some more human allies, there’s no way we can win against Gidoron, right?

Ageha: But no one will believe us, other than the professor and Manabu.

Mamezō: If we show them some proof, they’ll have to take Gidoron seriously, won’t they, aniki?

Yanma: Mamezō, I have to admit that sometimes you do have good ideas. Well then, let’s go capture an enemy robot insect.

Mamezō: GO SKY, aniki!

This is another common science fiction plot device. The world at large is either skeptical about the threat of a global takeover plot being masterminded by ants, or convinced that the three Microids are themselves responsible for all the disasters caused by Gidoron’s robots. This, predictably, means that they need to disable one of the robots and expose it as the true bad-guy. And so the story takes a new twist in which the Microids become the antagonists rather than the victims.

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