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18. The Microid Ant-lion moults into adult form
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Added 4/15/2013
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The three of them head for the subway tunnel, searching for the Microid ant-lion that must be hiding underground.

Ageha: What’s that!?

Yanma: The Microid ant-lion has gone into its pupa stage, and it’s about to moult. Watch out! It’ll be able to fly!

With a crack, the back of the chrysalis splits open and an adult ant-lion robot heads straight for the trio like a bullet…

The series adds another interesting idea from natural science: robot insects can undergo metamorphosis, as do most species in real life, and emerge in even more dangerous form. Actually, the adult phase of the ant-lion’s life is short and devoted entirely to mating and reproducing, and adults are not strong fliers, though they can bite painfully.

Nevertheless, this scene nicely suggests the concluding scene of Warner Brothers’ Them!, in which the newly moulted queen ant and its cache of eggs are located in the storm drains beneath Los Angeles.

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