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19. The Ant-lion disables the subway driver
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At that moment, the subway train comes down the track with a GO. The ant-lion robot stands its ground and socks its body against the locomotive. DOKAN! The driver faints and the train roars on like mad through the station. Yanma, Ageha and Mamezō together finally bring the train to a stop.

Yanma: Where’s our proof -- the robot!?

The injured robot, not wanting to be captured, has self-destructed.

The “GO” is a signal for some kind of “ominous” sound effect, while DOKAN! is a loud impact like “BAM!”

Presumably the kamishibai-man would improvise some way that the Microids manage to get inside the speeding subway train and bring it to a halt. The way this incident ends is reminiscent of the ways in which secret agents captured while on assignment are expected to commit suicide rather than risk being forced to reveal their secret mission. (e.g., the HYDRA agents in Captain America: The First Avenger.)

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