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20. Ganbare, Microid S!
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Added 4/15/2013
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Mamezō: Humans are mean. Making the subway accident out to be our fault!

At that time, an air car flies down from the heavens. Yanma and Ageha are riding it. The professor has invented a vehicle that they can use to fly through the sky without Gidoron tracking them.

So, what deeds will our Microid trio perform as time goes on!? Keep fighting, Microid S!

(The End)

Again, the kamishibai-man would need to improvise a transition to get the Microids back to the professor's house, where he presents the trio with his new invention.

The opening animation (readily available on YouTube in several versions, Japanese and Italian) features this nifty little aircraft that the Microids use frequently in the series. The script clarifies its purpose: while the three can just as easily use their cyborg wings to get around, the airship lets them do so without warning the enemy with the electromagnetic impulses that their wings give off. It also, presumably, conserves their energy for the hard work of disabling the robots and averting human injury.

Nevertheless, the episode ends with the core conflicts unresolved: humanity remains unconvinced that they are in danger of being inslaved by insects, and the Microids continue to be framed and blamed for the calamities in fact caused by Gidoron’s forces.

One regrets that Tezuka’s manga and the animated series it inspired remain stubbornly unavailable in this country. But with interest growing in this landmark artist, one hopes that an adaptation of the manga, at least, will not be too long in appearing.

Ganbare, Tezukaphiles of the World!

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