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Microid S: Kamishibai (Epoch, 1973)

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2. Flying toward Japan
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Added 4/13/2013
Updated 4/15/2013
The three Microids fly on desperately. It’s as if they are looking for something while being pursued.

Ageha: Where can the humans be?

Mamezō: Look, aniki [big brother], there’s a ship!

Yanma: Now we can give them the warning.

Then, a hornworm robot appears with a roar!

Yanma: Dodge! It’s one of Gidoron’s minions!

I was able to screen the first episode some time ago (in its Italian dub, at a site since closed by the FBI for promoting copyright piracy), so I recognize this situation as the basis for the first anime episode. The three Microids have just escaped and are heading across the Pacific Ocean toward what they think will be a safe haven in Japan.

The trio typically relate to each other using the typical stereotypes of the nuclear family: dominant husband, dutiful wife, mischievous child. But in fact they have been kidnapped by the brainy ants and assembled randomly as a team. Thus Mamezō calls Yanma “aniki” or “big brother” rather than “Otou-san” (“Dad”).

For some reason, Ageha’s face tended to scan bluer than it actually appears on the face of the cards. While it is a paler flesh color than the faces of her male counterparts, it is never this pallid on the cards.

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