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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Ep 34: Confession of Separation!

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Chiaki tells Maron the truth (Chiaki side)
Source: TV
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Cel Number: A1 B3
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Added 1/12/2013
Scene 14, cut 24. The two meet on a sunny beach, and Maron demands that her companion tell her the truth: did he try to win her affection only because he was in league with Satan and knew that she was secretly Kaitou Jeanne, the shock warrior supporting God in the coming apocalypse? The audience can overhear her silently praying that he’s going to have enough masculine common sense to tell her the lie that she so desperately wants to hear.

But like a silly goose, Chiaki tells her the truth. As in other key moments in this episode, the cut begins with a dramatic close-up of his face as he starts to explain: yes, of course he knew all along that she was Kaitou Jeanne. In fact the whole point of making her fall in love with him, he goes on, was to put a premature end to her holy career of thievery.

This dramatic moment called for special camera work. As in the "Frightened Maron" in the fantasy sequence, the camera begins with a tight close-up of Chiaki's face as he begins his (apparent) confession, then it pulls back dramatically. The sketches were done on normal-sized genga paper, though, so the close-up of Chiaki had to be cracking good.

In the thumbs you can see the layout and Kagawa's effective rough that set up this very fine genga.

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