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Condition Green OVA
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Added 1/11/2013
Updated 8/20/2021
This gallery showcases this action-oriented series, produced in 1991 by Hero Communication, a short-lived division of Toei Studios. Shigeyasu Yamauchi was the series director and overall supervisor: a Toei regular, he did much of the work for Dragonball Z and also some important assignments for Saint Seiya. It depicts the conflict between Terra-based forces led by the shock commando team Condition Green and an alien invasion team sent from the planet Gyazaria by the evil Emperor Vince.

1.0 Episode 3 Original Storyboard

This "conte" (continuity) or storyboard is the original document, not a photocopy. It covers Episode 3 ("Infiltration") of the six in the OAV. It’s by Toru Yamada, a wide-ranging Toei animator and director. Yamada did work for shows ranging from Ghost Sweeper Mikami to Marmalade Boy, and has most recently done storyboarding for the studio’s big international hit Yu-Gi-Oh!.

1.1 Episode 3 Cels

While cels from this obscure series were impossible to get for many years, I've eventually been able to obtain a number of cels from this episode, many with their original matching backgrounds. They help interpret and fill out the preliminary images of the storyboard.

Episode 6 Original Storyboard

After having enjoyed the Episode 3 storyboard for five years, it was a pleasant surprise to turn up its Episode 6 companion on Mandarake. This covers the big finish with Emerald Earth’s final victory over all the baddies from the planet Gyazaria.

The storyboard was executed by the series’ overall director, Shigeyasu Yamauchi. Its style is quite different from that of Episode 3. Impressionistic and often dreamlike in quality, the images express more abstract mood and energy than explicit storytelling.

3 Cels: Bad Girl

Their minion, Bad Girl aka Raiza/Liza (she of the breast implant that turns into a scary but not terribly functional dueling sword) must be one of the great underappreciated villainesses of anime. I've by now collected enough cels featuring her contribution to the OVA to grant her a gallery all of her own. Also included are cels of her sister Paula and their Gyazarian alien advisor, Jado.

4 Cels: The Rest of the Cast

But the cels of the rest of the cast are well worth a view, including the bold, manly Keith Winter, the winsome warrior Mirei Garrett, and his sidekicks, George (or "Mr. G," the muscleman), Eddie (the new boy, eager but reckless), Sho (the techie guy with the bionic arm), and Jan (the perennial complainer). Plus the irrepressible Barney Page and his solicitous mom Angie who tries to keep him squeaky clean.

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