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3. Haruhi sees a way out of her fix: reanimated dougas
Source: TV
Layers: 4
Sketches: 7
Cel Number: A1-A4, B3, C1, D3
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Added 1/9/2013
Updated 1/26/2019
Ouran Host Club 03.91 Tamaki Haruhi

This rough came with the complete set of dougas, which were mostly partials so they escaped being scattered by dealers. I’ve pasted these together digitally, using only the B3 and D3 mouth layers for Tamaki and Haruhi. Following the timing sheet, Tamaki turns quickly, at 12-to-a-second, then he and Haruhi remain frozen in place for the dialogue in the rest of this longish cut (5 seconds and a skosh). Visit the thumb for a still image of the “end” image (A4 + B3 + C1 + D3).

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