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17. Kyoya and Haruhi have lunch at a burger joint
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Added 1/9/2013
Updated 1/26/2019
Episode 17 "Kyoya’s Reluctant Day Out!" Kyōya no Fuhon'i na Kyūjitsu (鏡夜の不本意な休日)], cut 52. In the madcap beginning of this episode, the Host Club decide to visit an “commoners” shopping mall and drag along Kyoya, who is still half asleep. They inadvertently leave him behind on a bench, where he slowly awakens and discovers that he has no cash or means of getting back home. Haruhi happens by, and Kyoya realizes that he has no choice but to rely on her for help. Here he is standing in line at the burger joint in the mall’s food court, while Haruhi intuits that it’s likely to be a long day for her.

The rough above is likely to be the work of this episode’s animation director, Kayoko Nabeta. This artist provided inbetweeners and key animation for a wide variety of important titles, including the Ghost in the Shell movie, Neon Genesis Evangelion (TV series and both movies), and Samurai 7. Nabeta has not has as many directing assignments as others on the Ouran team, but has done episode animation direction for the recent series Hanasaku Iroha (2011) and Tari Tari (2012).

Unfortunately, this rough was the only sketch remaining in this set, so I’ve added in the thumbnail a scan of the front of the timing sheet, which contains the bold stamp of one of the animators.

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