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Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne Ep 34: Confession of Separation!

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Maron takes evasive action
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 3
Cel Number: A2, A3
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Added 12/17/2012
Updated 12/19/2017
Scene 15, cut 4. In her allegedly tearful-shut-eyes flight she does, however, nearly step on the Cute Kitty >^@_@^< Who Helps Save Humanity from the Devil! In this lightning-quick cut, she suddenly opens her eyes, warned by the aura of heavenly charisma that all Cute Kitties give off, and takes evasive action at the last desperate second.


This is another especially beautiful set of sketches, and I’ve added the A3 and A4 gengas in the thumbnails. But I’ve featured Hisashi Kagawa’s rough above to call attention to one of this animator’s interesting personal habits. I’d noted before that the left-hand registration hole often was rather dirty on roughs from this episode, which I thought might indicate that Toei’s artists were lax in washing their hands while handling artwork. But if you look closely at Maron’s face, you’ll note that the whole surface of this part of the sketch is lightly smudged. To accent important lines, such as the eyebrows and the line of her chin, in fact, you can see that the smudge has been lightly erased during the sketching process.

I’m not sure what caused this smudging, but clearly it was a result of Kagawa’s sketching technique. It looks as if this animator deliberately covered this part of the sketch with a very light graphite layer, or else used a finger to blur or lighten pencil strokes during revision. In any case, that dark smudge around the registration hole is an indication that the animation director got his hands seriously dirty in working up sketches like this. And indeed, if you look at that dramatic expression (and the lightly closed fist – with a fingernail!) you’ll appreciate the results that Kagawa got with this individualistic approach.


Notice the little teardrop that Maron has managed to produce in the corner of her left eye (on our right). Look very closely at where it's supposed to be, both in the featured sketch and in the matching genga (second thumb). Then move to the next item and look again . . . .

Golly, Sensei really is a cynical old bird, isn't he?

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